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Harm de Raaff

Harm comes from a musical family. The children received piano lessons 
from father. The listened to oratories, especially, the Matthew Passion; it was seen as super masterpiece in the family.
After the piano lessons, Harm choose to learn the electric guitar.
With his three year younger brother (Robin de Raaff, a well known Dutch composer) on bass guitar he started a band with singer and drummer.
Nowadays, Harm plays all common music instruments and became interested in producing music. Together with his extensive knowledge of Logic Pro he can produce a complete track without having the need of several musicians.

René Groeneveld

René has been playing the piano and the acoustic (percussion) guitar since he was young. As a band leader he has accompanied various bands, vocalists and choirs on piano or guitar.

After his 4-year HBO education (HKU Music Technology), he founded Media Saloon in 2003. Wiserock Sound Studios was added in 2016.

As a producer and songwriter, he has been creating music for vocalists and companies for many years. He also regularly uses himself as a ghostwriter, mix engineer or director.

He knows how to create atmospheric songs and arrangements that will increase your performance enormously in quality. 

Ashley Lara

Ashley Lara is a singer songwriter from Canada. Ashley knew from a young age that music was her calling. By the age of fifteen she was already in the studio recording and had performed at Place Des Arts in Montreal, Quebec. At eighteen, she had come out with her first EP. Ashley caught the eye of Canadian music legend Corey Hart who wrote two songs for her, and was produced by Rob Wells (Justin Bieber, Mika, Adam Lambert).
Currently, Ashley is writing and performing with talented musicians in Montreal and Toronto.


MichAel started to work as a session vocalist out of deep love and passion for creating music with varying styles from Hard Rock & Metal to Pop & EDM. He has also shown that he is capable of singing love ballads. Nowadays, MichAel is a professional session singer, topliner, voice actor, and songwriter with many years of experience. He creates emotional, powerful, and memorable experiences. 


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